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What is this course about?

Android application developers are IT professionals with mobile development skills. We will teach you with all the required knowledge of android development from basics to advance android development. From setting it up to making it fully usable and uploading it to play store.

What learning benefits you will get?

You will learn android application environment setup.

You will learn the basics of JAVA programming.

You will learn the basics of android application development.

You will also learn to use material design with the android application.

You will be taught integrating local database like SQLite.

You will learn to integrate and use different API’s.

What are the career benefits with Android Development ?

The mobile market is on the peak and thus android development too. Android application has already acquired almost 80% mobile application market. There is a rapid growth in the demand of android developers in the market due to less number of android developer availability. This creates a high number of opportunities for developers who are learning android development.

Minimum Qualification : 10+2

Duration : 3 months

Course Content

Introduction to Core Java and OOP Concepts.

Installation and Configuration of Java and Android Studio.

Android Studio, IDE and Tools.

Overview and Understanding of Files and Options in Android Studio

Working with Text and Buttons

Using Edit Text, Text Views and Buttons.

Working with different layouts.

Layout hierarchy.

Complex Views like ListView, GridViews and Recycler View

ImageViews and CardViews

Creating new Activities.

Activity Life Cycle.

Transition between Activities.


Introduction to custom layout.




Navigation Drawer

Bottom Navigation.

Simple Animations.


Toaster and Snackbars.

Introduction to SQLite DB.

Inserting and Retrieving Data.

Update, Edit and Delete.

Introduction to Permissions.

Taking and Saving Pictures.

Introduction to locatiion services.

Android Webviews.

Showing Google map in an activity.

Introduction to libraries

Introduction To Retrofit Library

Json Parser

Introduction to Models

Creating an Android App

Logging and Error Handling

App update alert.

Deploying to Play Store.